It has been interesting reading the last few days of posts. It is nice  to see that there are churches out there that are making the effort to  help its flock.

Our church, like Peggi’s, is also leading a FINANCIAL FREEDOM class, It is really great. My husband and I are really learning alot and  everyone that has taken this class is really optimistic about it to.  It is sponsored by Larry Burkett (who is now deceased) but his ministry  Christian Financial Concepts merged a few years ago to form Crown Ministries. It also has a lot of great information.

You can find them at, if you are interested.

I appreciate the people, I also listen to their radio program every day. The only issue I have with them is that it seems as though nearly every caller is earning $75000 a year or more and I know most people don’t earn that much. Their teaching is very sound, though.