Consolidated Credit Counseling – Collections?


I’m new to the blog as of today. I’m a young 25 and I’m in financial trouble. It all started when I took the risks of starting my own business. I was lucky enough to have the support of my Mother and allow me to stay at home and pay $200 a month for rent. Credit Card bills racked up and I’ve struggled with some loans.

In May of 2014, I moved to Florida along with my girlfriend. We have all the dreams of marriage, kids, nice home and all the good stuff. However, she threw me for a loop when she said she wanted to go to school. So she went to school for 8 months for Dental Assisting and now has a job in the Dental Field. While she was in school for that time, I gave up my struggling business and found a 40hr a week job and averaged about 12 hrs of overtime every week just to pay the rent and utilities. During that time I got way behind on all my credit cards and loans.

In Jan 2015 I started a part time job to try and pay off these bills. I’ve managed to knock off a few and make some progress on others. I’m working between 63 and 70 hrs a week. It puts a strain on the relationship, which I’m sure some of you have been there. The phone rings off the hook from creditors.

I am absolutely trying my best right now. A lot of my bills are 6 months over due or right on the brink of them. Most are in the hands of Collections.

I’ve looked around on Consolidated Credit Counseling and was wondering if any of you know if they will still work with you if your debt is in the hands of collections and no longer with the creditor.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I want to get back to a better life. It is odd that I’m even in this situation as you can ask anyone in my family how tight I was with my money, loved to sit there and count it, save it and put into 401ks and Mutual Funds. I guess it can happen to anyone.

Thanks for listening to me babble and again, any help is much appreciated.