Your questions are a little open ended

without knowing what you are bringing home and what your debts are we can only give you general help.

First off, are you in the CCCS debt management program? If so, make sure you pay them ASAP as they can get the creditors to stop calling. If you aren’t, then you need to talk with the creditors and explain the situation.

You don’t say what state you are in so I don’t know if your paycheck can be garnished or for how much… you would want to check into this; CCCS could answer this for you as well.

The first thing you need to do is list everything you pay out; track your spending, even the little stuff… little stuff (you think anyway) adds up to big stuff very very quickly… there are a lot of ways you can cut expenses if you have the determination.

This lists a series of articles on money management, including tracking expenses, and cutting waste;

If you haven’t downloaded the free Money Management Planner, please do, they may help you understand your finances a little better as well.

Feel free to ask away about any questions or concerns you have.

Also, CCCS should be able to give you a template for a Cease and Desist Letter to send (Certified and Return Receipt) to the collectors to get them to stop calling you.